Process Industry


Process Industry

Process industries use many technical components of which some are subject to corrosion issues due to the process itself (chemical reaction of desalinazation) or to the heat exchangers which regulate the process itself or fire protection systems.

The heat exchangers, usually of tube and shell type, can be installed on offshore or onshore fields and in both case pump sea water or brackish water both of which are corrosiv. Additionnaly, heat exchangers require pumps, valves, filters to move the fluids ; all of which are also suject to corrosion and any defect in one of those component might cause unplanned downtime and extra maintenance costs.

Usine inoxyda

Aluminium bronze (NAB alloys) are a metalurgical solution to consider for those applications as those copper based alloys are developped specifically to resist seawater corrosion issues.

Our expertise for all those components lies in :

Our detailed knowledge of standardized aluminium bronze alloys or custom developped

Our experience of casting simulation applied to aluminium bronze which enables us casting large complex parts

Our in house molding (4m x 4m x 3 m)

and melting capacity (up to 15 To)