Large size nab casting

Valve Disc Mold

Large size nab casting

Copper alloys

At Inoxyda we focus on aluminium bronze alloys ; in particular for large size engineered components with a main casting hall accommodating 4m x 4m chassis.

Our in house equipement as well as our long experience of the various aluminium bronze grades (NAB alloys), enable us to cast various components up to approx. 10T depending upon the design.

The molding workshop has state of the art casting pit, mobile sand mixer along with 40To lifting capacity.

Essais Mécanique

The single use sand molds are based on a chemical self-hardening process made of silica, resine and hardener.

Essais Mécanique

After pouring and cooling, the chassis is knocked out, the sand is recovered , grinded and recycled ( mecanic and thermal ).


The sand is stored in 7 independant silos with a total storage capacity of 530T.

respect environnement

Inoxyda is engaged in protecting the environment and goes beyond EU regulations by recycling 95 % of the sand used in cores and molds needed to cast aluminium bronze alloys ; we have independant in house recycling facilities.

For special projects we have a second workshop available capable of melting/pouring 30To of aluminium bronze alloys ; this very large size casting capability enables offering solutions for bespoke NAB engineered components such :