NAB alloy sand casting

INOXYDA is a private limited liabilities company with a capital of 400 000 €, and is located at Petit-Quevilly in the Rouen area, 80 km from Le Havre and 120 km from Paris on a 30000 sq.m area.

INOXYDA, which was originally known as Forges et Fonderies d’Alliages de Hautes Résistance (FFAHR) was founded in 1924. Our proficiency since the company was created lies in the expertise of casting copper alloys.

We were the first moulding company in Europe to have succeeded in developing high resistance anticorrosive nickel aluminium bronze alloys, under the brand INOXYDA®.

The excellent high level resistance to sea water corrosion given in nickel aluminium bronze allows the company to work alongside the French National Navy. Rapidly, EDF (the French national electric company) began to place orders for use in nuclear, hydraulic tide-power and fossil-fired generating plants.

Since the beginning, INOXYDA has continued to develop particularly in export, and co-operates with its clients in any project suggesting its expertise, it’s know-how and knowledge in the implication of Aluminium Bronze before recommending tailor-made and economical solutions.


The excellent mechanical properties provided by the use of Nickel Aluminium Bronze especially in terms of sea water resistance permits INOXYDA to supply diverse types of activities:

In 2015, INOXYDA became a partner of LBI foundries, which allowed the LBI group to strengthen in the field of sand casting parts in copper alloys, which established their leadership in the French market, and confirm a significant presence in the European market.