Aluminium bronze valves components

Aluminium Bronze Valve

Valves are used on all hydraulic circuits, including sea water and some chemical products which can be corrosif, to shut or regulate the flow. For all the valve components in contact with the liquid, it is important to select the raw material which will ensure operation and tightness during the entire lifecycle. Nickel aluminium bronze alloys, also called NAB alloys or aluminium bronze are a family of copper based alloys including nickel, aluminium and iron enabling to meet the correct corrosion resistance while giving good mechanical characteristics. Aluminium bronze alloys are definitly to be considered in front of titanium and duplex or super duplex alloys as they offer various other advantages.


Valves exist in various configurations (Gate valve, butterfly valves, globe valves, check valves, discharge valves …) for all of which NAB alloys can be used in foundry ( sand casting, centrifugal casting, continuous casting ) or forgings to manufacture various components such as :

  • Valve Bodies
  • Dics and wedges
  • Bonnets
  • Retention ring

Our capabilities enable us to cast any valve components up to 112’’ (DN 2800 ) for an estimated finished machined weight of 8To . Valve castings are usually made according international nickel aluminium bronze standards sur as EN 1982, ASTM B148, BS 1400 but also according more stringent military standards such as Def Stan, Gamm MM11 ou 12, MILSTD. The castings are delivered worldwide as cast, rough or fully machined (with or without hydraulic test and heat treatment). Valves used in shipbuilding or offshore applications regularly have additional requirements such as third party inspections by classification society (Lloyds, Bureau Véritas, DNVGL…) or a specific PED certification.