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The shipbuilding industry can cover a veariety of industrial activities which includes of course building civil ships (liners, container carriers or various transportation vessels) but also Offshore rigs or tidal turbines (Renewable marine energies). What all these industries have in commun is that they face seawater corrosion issues . Over the years, corrosion can dammage the various mechanical components used for propulsion, fluid handling, energy generation, ballast water treatment systems…) which can create unwanted downtime or extra maintenance spendings.

NAB alloys (aluminium bronze or Nickel Aluminium Bronze) are copper bases alloys developped to face seawater corrosion issues and can be found in several applications :

Propulsion :

CPP or FPP hubs, Blades, Propellers, Bearings…

Fluid Handling :

Valves, pumps, filters, UV Reactor Bodies…

Other applications :

Heat Exchangers, Roller Bearing Cages

In the most of the above projects, besides core casting competences, approvals from major worldwide classifications societies are requested such as : BV, RMRS, DNVGL , RINA…

Aluminium Bronze

Aluminium bronze is available under various formats to meet the various application requirements :

Fleche Sand casting for complexe parts

Fleche Centrifugal casting for revolution rotatting aprts

Fleche Plates for welded construction needs

Fleche Billets and Bars for full part machining

Fleche Forgings