Aluminium bronze standards


Inoxyda has been specialized in aluminium bronze alloys for several years. Those alloys, also called NAB alloys or Alu Bronze have been developped as an alternative to standard stainless steel solutions (stainless metals, duplex steels, super duplex steels) for all applications where sea water corrosion is a main design issues. Aluminium bronze have several mechanical applications in sea water environment : pumps, valves, propulsion or heat exchangers. As a foundry focused on Aluminium Bronze alloys, our main commitment is to support our customers engineering their components so as to reach the desired level of quality for their castings in corrosion environments.

In order to respond to our different customer’s requirements and with the commitments to developing quality products, the company has been certified ISO 9001 V2000 since 1994


The management at INOXYDA undertakes its commitments in the development and application of a management system for health and safety at work and for the environment as well as the continued on going improvement of their efficiency.

Active involvement by all members of staff, and the health and Safety at Work Committee, in this step ensuring safety of personnel and of the environment to be taken into account, in our choices and our performance both current and forthcoming.


INOXYDA uses the following methods of checking :

  • Chemical and mechanical testing analysis laboratory
  • Tensile test (room temperature and with heat)
  • Hardness test
  • Bending test
  • Inspectors COFREND level II, dye penetrant/ultra-sound
  • Chemical analysis by spectrographic examination
  • Resilience test (room temperature and up to -20°C )
  • Micrographic
  • X-rays
  • Hydraulic testing up to 420 Bars.