Process Grande Dimension


Production of energy, based on oil& gas, nuclear, hydrolics, wind turbines or renewable marine requires the developments and manufacture of large size, complexe powerplants according very stringent technical specifications often requiring dedicated qualifications.

Whether « onshore » or « offshore », power plants are subject to many issues, including corrosion and in particular seawater corrosion . Aluminium Bronze and NAB alloys are a family of copper based alloys which have been developped to face those issues ; those alloys are thus used in many industrial components such as :

Roller bearings...

The size of those plats is usually an important factor whihc requires the capacity, the know how and the knowledge for casting large size components which we have gained thru the years with the different projects involved :

Developping specific aluminium bronze grades

Casting simulation

Large size sand casting ( up to 4m x 4m x 3 m)

Large size aluminium bronze melting capacities ( up to 15 To)