Additional Products in Nickel Aluminium Bronze


Starting from continuous casted billets on which we garanty chemical analysis but also EU Origin we can can forge :

  • Blocs
  • Bars
  • Rings

According various international standards such as EN 12420 / EN 12163  or ASTM B 124 / ASTM  B 150 but also Navy specifications such as STF 22-56/F or DEF STAN 02-833 part 2.


But we have also developped bespoke alloys such as Inoxyda 154 or Inoxyda 53AMA for dedicated applications.

Forging stocks can include :

  • Heat treatments (example ASTM B150 C63200 TQ50)
  • Temper anneal treatment
  • Rough or final machining
  • Deep drilling

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