Défense Navale
Naval Group UAF


Aluminium bronze alloys are widely used in all applications, facing seacorrosion issues and in particular in the Navy, woldwide

The NAB alloys used in the Navy are usually different from standard alloys in that they are used in unique applications. Besides specific standards it is often requested that alloys used in defence applications undergo additional heat treatments, forging operations, Isostatique compression (also refered to as HIP), shot blasting to improve mechanical and/or corrosion resistance properties to meet the operational conditions in which the differents ships operate (Aircraft carriers, Frigates, Submarines, Landing Helicopter aircraft…)

For some of those applications, Inoxyda has developped specifc aluminium bronze alloys not available in international standards ; as an example :

Inoxyda 53AMA or 3PAMA for mine hunters

Inoxyda 154 for high mechanical properties

Inoxyda est homologuée Naval Group et est détentrice du label UAF pour les éléments de propulsion

The main applications concern :

Propulsion line :

Fixed pitch propellers (Monobloc or FPP) , Variable pitch propellers (CPP), bearings

Fluid handling :

valves, pumps, filters, heat exchangers

Controls /Acoustic antenna / Sonars / Combat systems

Due to the high level of requirement requested, most projects require a customer approval besides standard classification societies approvals : BV, DNVGL, RINA, RMRS, LR …

Aside from approvals the projects relying on bespoke specifications also require a high level of confidentiality which we are used to handel.

As a company strongly involved in Navy applications, Inoxyda is member of NAE Défense : an association of defence oriented manufacturing companies