Aluminium Bronze Sand Casted Components for Valves


Aluminium Bronze are regularly used for all valves where sea water corrosion is an important technical factor


The parts are sand casted and can be delivered as-cast, rough or final machined.

All parts are inspected according customer specifications which regularly include :

     - dye penetrant test

     - pressure test

     - 100% or critical area X ray controls

     - Ultrasonic test

     - Chemical analysis and mecanical characteristics

all of which are carried out in house (except X ray controls)

Valve body

Casting Capabilities:

Inoxyda is able to cast almost any size bodies with following characteristics :

- in Rouen facility :

    overall dimensions : 3 500 mm x 3 500 mm x 2 000 mm

    melting capacity : 15 To

- in Nantes facility :

   overall  dimensions : 5 000 mm x 5 000 mm x 4 000 mm

   melting capacity : 50 To


Discs and wedges